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R1 Blue FlavorR1 Blue Flavor
R1 Blue Flavor cigarettes offer the pleasantly smooth taste that the R1 brand is famous for. Originally made in Germany, these uniquely European cigarettes are a popular choice for those who enjoy a mild cigarette that doesn't cut corners on quality. Those delightful cigarettes are one of the lightest products in the R1 line. R1 Blue cigarettes are an excellent choice for those looking for a pleasurable smoking experience at an affordable price.
R1 Gold SlimR1 Gold Slim
R1 Gold Slim Cigarettes are a distinctive cigarette that has earned a reputation as a superior mild smoke. This quality slim cigarette delivers on its promise of rich flavor that is mild in strength. The slim pack with its elegant design will win you over from the start. R1 Gold Slim Cigarette is the cigarette that deliver continuous satisfaction for a smoking experience that you will not want to miss out on.
R1 RedR1 Red
R1 Red brings forth the elegance and class that R1 is known for, and enhances it with an even more full flavored smoke that will satisfy every smoker's palate. Thanks to a carefully designed filter, each drag of this cigarette has a taste that is naturally smooth and refreshing. Made with only fine quality tobacco, every delicious puff you take is as pleasurable and great tasting as the last.
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