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Rollie, roll-up, or hand rolled are all types of cigarettes made by fine cut rolling tobacco, also referred to as ‘Shag’. There are many types of shag/tobacco blends available that use different tobaccos, curing techniques and cutting types and sometimes additives like glycerol, sugar and fruit flavours are added. Find information on the most popular Hand Rolling Tobacco Brands in the world. Read reviews and rate your own experience with your favorite shag.
For those pipe smokers looking for an EU manufactured, high quality and distinctively flavoured tobacco, look no further than the Amphora Red Tobacco, which comes with an appealing and lasting aroma and also has the added advantage of being cut in a medium-fine width, which ensures that it burns at an ideal rate, not too fast, not too slow, just right for its fresh but full bodied aroma and flavor to come out and please your senses. At we have available the Amphora Full Aroma Pipe Tobacco Red variety.
Captain Black Pipe Tobacco is rightly one of the world’s best selling pipe tobacco brands because it offers true indulgence for the senses of its smokers. Being sold for over 30 years this brand has been consolidated in the consciousness of avid pipe smokers because its tobacco is grown without any chemicals, in a careful and natural way that produces a product which is not only pure but exceptionally aromatic as well. The brand features a big range of tobacco products that are sure to satisfy the taste buds of all pipe smokers, from novices to seasoned smokers and what is more the entire product range comes to you at very affordable prices. Besides the Regular, Gold and Royal varieties of the Captain Black pipe tobacco, we also stock the Captain Black Dark Crema Little Cigars.
Many argue that Drum is the world’s most popular rolling tobacco brand that boasts both a long history and a wide manufacturing and distribution at many locations across the globe. Currently owned by Imperial Tobacco, Drum was in fact originally produced by the Douwe Egberts tobacco corporation in Holland, who had then sold it to the Sara Lee Corporation. However, in the North American region Drum rolling tobacco is made by Illinois based Republic Tobacco company. As a result the global market features both the American-style flavour as well as the original Dutch flavor of Drum, which use the same harvest methods but are cured differently, resulting in differences in their taste and strength. Although there are several available kinds of Drum tobacco, currently stocks the Drum Original and the milder tasting Drum Bright Blue variants.
The Golden Virginia brand has consistently ranked among the top three most popular rolling tobacco brands in the world, due to the nature of its fine-cut tobacco that manages to keep smokers satisfied through its smooth but rich taste, stemming from the combination of bright-leaf Virginia, oriental and burley tobaccos. Ever since its initial launch back in 1877 in the UK, the brand kept expanding and consolidating its position in the market. Currently produced and distributed by Imperial Tobacco, it is available in more than 30 countries across the globe.
When it comes to hand rolling tobacco products the Samson Halfzware Shag can rightly claim to occupy a very high position in terms of popularity and recognisability. Manufactured and marketed by Lane Ltd, the Samson rolling tobacco has found its place in tobacco shops and in the heart of smokers all over the world, rapidly increasing its market penetration, primarily due to its bold and unique character. This is attributed to its blend that includes a significant proportion of the Turkish variety which gives it a strong and sophisticated flavor, perhaps lacking a bit in aroma but compensating in richness and strength.
Hand rolling tobacco lovers appreciate the strong natural flavor they get when using the Van Nelle Rolling Tobacco. This a popular brand manufactured and distributed by Imperial Tobacco, a firm famed for its high quality products and the success of the Van Nelle rolling tobacco has helped the company consolidate its position as the world’s largest producer of premium fine-cut tobacco. Strong tasted, yet pleasant, with a bold aroma and flavor, the Van Nelle Halfware shag blend that is sold on is a mixture of blends that will satisfy even the most demanding smoker and always comes properly packaged to ensure its freshness and right level of moisture.
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