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Rothmans Cigarettes are considered the second flagship brand of its current producer and distributor, the Rothmans, Benson & Hedges (RBH) Company, as the number one spot is occupied by the Benson & Hedges brand. However, Rothmans cigarettes can proudly boast of their rich heritage which has rendered them one of the most recognizable cigarette brands internationally, with loyal and avid smokers across the globe, who value the distinctive blend of tobacco flavours used in the manufacture of Rothman’s cigarettes, giving them a truly unique taste. Hard competition may have costed the Rothman’s brand a piece of its old market share, however they remain popular as well as respected as a brand all over the world. sells both the Rothmans Blue king size as well as the Rothmans International variant of the brand. Buy Cheap Rothmans Cigarettes from We offer you one of the lowest discount Rothmans cigarette prices. All of the brands we sell are high quality products which we always offer you at the lowest possible prices, guaranteeing you both satisfaction and affordability.
Rothmans BlueRothmans Blue
Manufactured with an insistence on quality, packed with expertly farmed tobacco, and created with premium cigarette components, Rothmans Blue cigarettes ensure a satisfyingly even, lasting burn and a flavorful aroma. With over 100 years of experience in creating a premium blend of quality tobacco, these cigarettes truly stand the test of time. Cherished worldwide for their warm, smoothing flavor, these cigarettes are perfect for any occasion.
Rothmans InternationalRothmans International
Rothmans International cigarettes have a balanced strength with a delicious roasted flavor, perfect for any time or place. The smoky flavor is pleasant without being too overwhelming. The standard of quality in this product is evident from the sight of the package alone. A strong royal blue color with the regal Rothman crest proudly displayed on the front, from the moment you pull out one of these fine filtered cigarettes, you're sure to create a stir. For a superior flavor that's rare to find, try Rothmans International cigarettes.
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