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Sobranie Black RussianSobranie Black Russian
Sobranie Black Russian cigarettes are fashionable and luxury cigarettes which have an exclusive taste and style. The cigarettes have an unique taste and flavor and deliver a high-quality smoking satisfaction. They come wrapped in a stylish and elegant wide package, they taste good and burn very slowly. Are a bit expensive if comparing to other cigarettes brands but worth all the money. Popular with both men and women, the Black Russians are the ideal choice when you have high standards in your smoking preferences.
Sobranie Russian CocktailSobranie Russian Cocktail
Sobranie Russian Cocktail Cigarettes offer a smoking experience with a rich flavor that is sure to please. This medium strength cigarette is mixed with a delightfully unique blend of tobacco for a divine flavor unlike any other. The sophisticated packaging, the unique paper casings and the flavorful blend of tobacco make for a truly unique smoking experience.
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