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The brainchild of a man named Zino Davidoff, Davidoff Cigarettes have long being the synonym of luxury when it comes to cigarette brands. Producing a wide range of products, the family of the Davidoff brand includes not only numerous cigarette varieties but also other tobacco and tobacco related items, such as pipe tobacco, cigars, humidors etc. Appealing mostly to those smokers who have a particular preference for lavishness, this is a brand that is arguably special and unique not only in terms of the superior quality smoking experience it offers, but also for featuring perhaps the most elegant packaging in the whole smoking industry. Currently owned by Imperial Tobacco, following its purchase from Tchibo, the Davidoff cigarettes family includes an extensive variety of different types of cigarettes, most of which are available on
Davidoff Classic (400 cigarettes)Davidoff Classic (400 cigarettes)
Davidoff Classic is a luxury cigarette for those who enjoy the finer things in life. From a name that is synonymous with high quality, this cigarette deliver on the promise of a divinely rich and full bodied smoke. Davidoff Classic cigarettes foster a sought after smoking experience that anyone can thoroughly enjoy. A robust cigarette, this smoke is full on both flavor and nicotine. The premium tobacco used in this cigarette coupled with a carefully made filter ensures a smooth quality taste.
Davidoff Classic (600 cigarettes)Davidoff Classic (600 cigarettes)
Davidoff Classic cigarettes deliver both a divinely flavor and nicotine. These cigarettes have a long filter that ensures that only thing you breathe in is the smooth taste of carefully selected tobacco that's been blended well. Davidoff Classic cigarettes is what has so many people coming back for more.
Davidoff Gold (600 cigarettes)Davidoff Gold (600 cigarettes)
This king-sized cigarette has a long filter that ensures that the only thing you breathe in is the smooth taste of carefully selected tobacco blended to perfection. Entrusted with the Davidoff name, this luxury cigarette is a true treat for those who prefer a medium-light smoke still loaded with flavor.
Davidoff Magnum ClassicDavidoff Magnum Classic
Davidoff Magnum is truly a luxury cigarette that is made by a brand whose very name is associated with excellence, class and good taste. These are guaranteed to be unlike any cigarette you have smoked before. Made with carefully selected Virginia tobacco, each inhale of Davidoff Magnum will send your taste buds soaring. A strong and flavorful smoke, this cigarette has to be experienced to be believed.
Davidoff WhiteDavidoff White
Very pleasant cigarettes. This is tasty, chemical-free smoke. They have a slow burning time. A cigarette that created its own elegant status! Mild yet rich flavorful taste each and every time. If you are looking for a good super-light cigarette, do not miss out on this one!
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