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Including many intuitive variations, the Dunhill cigarettes brand is as special as it is different, as well as innovative. Considered one of the most elegant as well as popular brands worldwide and although manufactured and distributed at various locations globally, the brand achieves an unparallel consistency in terms of its look as well as its characteristically robust flavor, which stems from the fact that the Virginia tobacco leaves used to manufacture Dunhill cigarettes are cut three times thinner than in standard cigarettes, giving the Dunhill brand its refined taste. The brand’s distribution in the US is done by the R.J. Reynolds company, while the rest of the world gets their Dunhills from British American Tobacco, since 1999 when it bought the brand off the Rothmans International company. At we have most varieties of the Dunhill cigarettes brand available. We offer you one of the lowest discount Dunhill cigarette prices. All of the brands we sell are high quality products which we always offer you at the lowest possible prices, guaranteeing you both satisfaction and affordability.
Dunhill Button BlueDunhill Button Blue
Dunhill Blue is a light luxury cigarette with an exotic aroma that will please any smoker. Dunhill Button Blue cigarettes present a complex blend of fresh roasted flavor with just a hint of sweetness. The undertone of delicious flavor adds to the smoking pleasure, while the elimination of chemical additives maximizes the taste.
Dunhill Button RedDunhill Button Red
Dunhill Red smokers keep coming back for the complexity of the taste which provides an unusually sophisticated smoking experience. A sweet-tasting, easy going cigarette that will give you the buzz you want.
Dunhill Capsule Black GreenDunhill Capsule Black Green
Dunhill new variant for smokers who prioritize quality first and foremost. Dunhill Capsule Black Green sustains quality at an optimal level, offering a tobacco experience beyond the ordinary. Consumers will be able to enjoy the new premium standard and the next level of perfection. The platinum black packaging with refined embossing of Dunhill Capsule Black Green arouses images of luxury and premium design. A filter with a small liquid-filled flavor capsule is part of the cigarette. When customers click the filter to release the flavor from the capsule while smoking, they can indulge in a second taste of menthol.
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