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Literally meaning “Gypsy Women”, Gitanes are a cigarette brand of French origin as revealed by its name, but which is currently owned by the Imperial Tobacco Company, which has ceased the actual production of the brand in France itself, with the only remaining European located manufacturing unit for GItanes now being located in the Netherlands. What makes Gitanes stand out as a brand is their strong and distinctive flavour and aroma, which is a result of the fact that the brand uses a different curing method for its tobacco as well as a type of rolling paper that is not used by other brands. Gitanes are produced in many different varieties of strengths and packages. At we stock the filter and non-filter variants of the Gitanes Brunes. Buy Cheap Gitanes Cigarettes from We offer you one of the lowest discount Gitanes cigarette prices. All of the brands we sell are high quality products which we always offer you at the lowest possible prices, guaranteeing you both satisfaction and affordability.
Gitanes Brunes FilterGitanes Brunes Filter
Gitanes Brunes Filter is part of the original line of the Gitanes brand. The premium dark brown tobacco used in this cigarette leaves behind a unique sweet and flavorful taste. A French favorite for decades, this sough-after brand is made with a fine-crafted filter that helps ensure that each drag is smooth and satisfying.
Gitanes Brunes Non FilterGitanes Brunes Non Filter
Gitanes Brunes Non-Filtered cigarettes are renowned for their full flavor and sweet, spicy aroma. The cigarettes unique and distinctive flavor comes from the special method that is used to cure the tobacco. These short, wide non-filtered cigarettes produce 0.8 mg of nicotine and plenty of smoke for you to enjoy, but remain smooth and refreshing.
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