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Sold in more than 70 countries across the globe, the Kent cigarettes brand holds a prominent position in the premium cigarettes market segment mostly due to their unique feature of using a special type of filter that better protects smokers form the effects of tar and nicotine, thus making them feel “safer” when they smoke. Besides the technologically advanced filter used, which is currently an activated carbon filter, the Kent brand also uses a rich blend of high quality tobacco which ensures an exquisite flavor for each cigarette produced by the brand’s current owner, the British American Tobacco company. KENT cigarettes come in a plethora of available varieties of different strengths and types, most of which are available through Buy Cheap KENT Cigarettes from We offer you one of the lowest discount KENT cigarette prices. All of the brands we sell are high quality products which we always offer you at the lowest possible prices, guaranteeing you both satisfaction and affordability.
Kent Blue Futura 100'sKent Blue Futura 100's
Kent Blue Futura cigarettes have a smooth, strong, rich, and delicious taste along with a classy smoke. They are not harsh, they taste good, and they leave a very little aftertaste in your mouth. A classy cigarettes with a smooth taste and smell.
Kent Deluxe 100'sKent Deluxe 100's
Kent Deluxe 100's carries on the fine tradition of quality that the brand has become famous for. All of the ingredients that go into making Kent Deluxe 100's cigarettes are top notch. These full-flavored cigarettes deliver a pleasant taste that's not overwhelming. Kent Deluxe 100's cigarettes have a rich flavor that never leaves behind a chemical aftertaste.
Kent HD BlueKent HD Blue
Kent HD Blue is the product of significant investment by British American Tobacco in the Kent brand. Inspired by the superior quality standards seen in high definition technologies. This evolution of the brand range delivers the smooth signature Kent taste using a new and unique taste transmission system. The Kent Blues blend represents the perfect balanced full-flavored cigarette with the exclusive activated charcoal filter that provides maximum protection and leaves you with a smooth clean taste.
Kent King SizeKent King Size
Kent King Size cigarettes are a great choice for those looking for a strong flavorful cigarette. The robust flavor is not the only thing that makes Kent cigarettes a unique and attractive cigarette for many consumers.
Kent Nanotek FuturaKent Nanotek Futura
Kent Nanotek Futura cigarettes are pretty similar to Kent Blue Futura, just a little bit lighter and come in a slim and elegant form. They have a smooth, strong, rich, and delicious taste along with a classy smoke. They are not harsh, they taste good, and they leave a very little aftertaste in your mouth. A classy cigarettes with a smooth taste and smell.
Kent Nanotek Infina CompactKent Nanotek Infina Compact
The Kent Nanotek Infina Compact is a light and pleasant tasting cigarette that is ideal for smokers who prefer a milder taste. Containing 1mg of tar and 0.2 mg of nicotine per cigarette, this blend is a natural choice for cigarette lovers who prefer a light nicotine buzz without an overwhelming chemical taste. Kent Nanotek Infina cigarettes are known to have a smooth even burn. This cigarette is perfect for parties and other gatherings where a mild scent is preferred.
Kent Nanotek Neo CompactKent Nanotek Neo Compact
Kent Nanotek Neo cigarettes boast a smooth, natural taste, without the chemical undertones of many cigarettes. The Kent filter removes more tar and nicotine than any other brand, meaning more protection at an incredibly competitive price. The natural taste is paired with an aromatic and pleasant smell. Kent Nanotek Neo's slim tubing has a surprisingly long burn time to prolong the pleasure of each cigarette.
Kent Silver Neo 100'sKent Silver Neo 100's
Kent Silver Neo 100's are perfect for the smoker who is looking for a light cigarette with a bite. A classic light cigarette with a smooth reliable flavor, each cigarette has a light but moderate 0.3 mg of nicotine. Kent Silver Neo 100's have the brand staple of including a charcoal filter in an effort to reduce the amount of chemicals and additives that consumers are exposed to.
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