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1. Why do emails sent to me not arrive?

Dear users of and e-mails! You might not be getting our Customer Support e-mails due to some reasons (you blocked our e-mail address/it is tagged as a Junk mail or it is in your Spam folder/ AOL/COX is blocking your correspondent's provider from sending mail due to complaints of abuse, etc). Such problems affect our service because our communication can be blocked and we are not able to get in touch with you regarding your purchases.Therefore, please make sure our messages get through. For AOL users having problems with mail being delivered, we kindly advise to follow the links listed below for further assistance: For more help you may contact AOL/COX Customer support.


2. What is an E-Check?

An e Check is paying by check without having to sent it in. It is a electronic version of a paper check used to process a payment online. (Works Same as Paying with a Debit Card.) 
- Anyone with a checking account can pay by e Check. 
- Paying by e Check is safe and convenient. 
- No need to write, stamp and mail paper checks in.

Why we use e Check: 
- Our Checkout process is 100% Secure, using the latest SSL technology. 
- Account information entered for payment is sent SSL encrypted. 
- Since we do NOT store account information (your data) on our secure server, there is NOTHING for hackers or online predictors (thieves) to steal.

Please use E-check if you can. There are no processing fees to process e-checks which helps us keep cost down. Using the e-check option is the safest of all payment methods. 
- We feel e Check is the best way for you to do your online shopping.

For More information on what e-checks are, please Click Here


3. What are my Payment options?

We currently only accept Electronic Checks (E-Checks). For More information on what e-checks are, please Click Here


4. What are shipping times?

For European made goods, shipping is from 14 - 28 working days from date of shipment. For Eastern European goods, shipping time is from 14 - 28 working days from date of shipment.


5. What are the shipping costs?

Insured shipping is $4.99 per carton. All cartons must be insured as this guarantees reshipment should any package be held in customs for over 30 days.


6. Is it safe to send you my e-check details?

Yes. The site is certified and implements a 128 Bit SSL system


7. Can I pay by postal order?

No. You can only pay by electronic check.


8. Can I place an order by phone?

Yes, to place an order by phone, please call us on: 646-257-2083


9. Are the cigarettes sold here first choice?

All cigarettes sold in this store are first choice cigarettes, that are manufactured under the strictest regulations, by all of the original manufacturers, within the EU and Eastern Europe.


10. What is your delivery process after placing an order?

Once an order is placed with us it takes up to 7 business days to process the check, after it has been processed; we then send the data to the warehouse. Once the warehouse receives the information it requires to ship your order, it the packs the orders in batches. Once a batch is fully packed, it is then sent to our logistics centre, and then is sent out via regular mail. European and Eastern European goods are shipped via airmail and take between 10 and 21 business days to arrive from the shipment date.


11. Do you sell cigarette brands other than those on your website?

No, the cigarettes listed on our pages are the only cigarettes we currently sell. However we do sometimes receive new cigarettes to sell, so therefore it is best for you to continually check the website for the brands that you are looking for, if we do not currently have, we may have it sometime in the future.


12. Can I resell cigarettes offered by you?

The answer is a definite NO. All cigarettes we sell are for personal use only.


13. What is an e-check?

E-checks act the same as a debit card, the funds will be withdrawn directly and immediately from your checking or savings account. On Checkout, instead of choosing a credit card option, choose E-Checking. You will be asked for your name, the bank name, checking account number and bank routing number. Every other feature remains the same. You will be given an order number and your products will be delivered in the same time frame. ROUTING NUMBER: Bottom left corner - 9-digit number BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER: Right after routing number 6-15 digits. (Do not include check number)


14. How secure are echecks?

eChecks are the most secure payments instrument or transaction ever designed or developed. echecks are designed to utilize state of the art security techniques of : authentication public key cryptography digital signatures certificate authorities duplicate detection encryption eChecks further enhance banking practices with added security so that even breaking the cryptographic protections would not necessarily allow a fraudulent transaction to be paid.


15. Why do the billing and shipping address have to match?

As a measure of increased security, and to prevent fraud, all transactions we process and ship, must be sent to the account holders billing address. This is a policy that our bank has initiated to protect our customers from fraudulent online activities.


16. Do you accept or supply coupons?

We apologize, but at the present time we do not accept or supply any coupons.


17. Where do you ship from?

We ship our orders from various warehouses located worldwide.


18. How can I track my order?

The best way to track the status of your order is to login to your customers account, and review your account history, this will contain all order that you have placed in the past, and allow you to see the status of any recent orders you have placed. Alternatively you could e-mail us, using the contact us button, including your order number and name, and we will e-mail you back the status of your order.

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